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CardFit Core Edition

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CardFit Core Edition

Change game night forever with CardFit! CardFit blends card games with exercise for a truly unique gaming experience. Challenge your friends and family to a game today!

CardFit can be played at home, at the gym, or on location! All exercise moves in this core set are body weight movements, so no equipment is needed!

CardFit uses exercise cards, repetition cards, and modifier cards that can be used together for endless ways of play. Exercise cards describe the exercise to be performed. Repetition cards list the number of reps or length of time a movement is to be performed. Modifiers are played to change the game; which can be as simple as changing the exercise movement, to altering the number of reps, or even requiring someone else to perform the movement!

Included in the box: 125 cards divided between 50 exercise cards, 30 repetition cards, 35 modifier cards, 6 point counters, and 4 rules cards.

Cards come unsorted. We recommend sorting the cards and reading the white rules cards first!

Challenge. Play. Win.

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